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European business suffers from magnesium deficiency

October, 22 2021

The EU industry may run out of magnesium reserves by the end of November due to a reduction in supplies from China. This was stated by some industrial associations, asking the authorities to urgently resolve this issue.Industrialists fear that magnesium deficiency could lead to a shutdown of production across Europe and the imminent loss of millions of jobs.The decline in magnesium supplies from China was caused by the efforts of the Chinese authorities to limit domestic energy consumption. As y... Read More

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Analysts expect bitcoin to grow to $70 thousand in the coming weeks

October, 22 2021

The price of bitcoin may reach the level of $70 thousand per barrel within the next couple of... Read More

Poland accused Russia of rising energy prices

October, 21 2021

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki again accused Russia of rising energy prices. At the same... Read More

Brent declines slightly after reaching 3-year high

October, 21 2021

Yesterday evening, Brent oil quotes reached another high at $86.09 per barrel. Today the price is... Read More

The expert assessed the possible problems of Europe due to high gas prices

October, 20 2021

Analysts share their gloomy forecasts regarding the future prospects of the European oil and gas... Read More