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Obtenga las últimas noticias económicas de ForexMart, incluyendo actualizaciones sobre el mercado financiero, anuncios de políticas del banco central, indicadores financieros y otras noticias relevantes que pueden afectar a la industria.

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The US consumer sentiment index fell to an all-time low

Junio, 24 2022

Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, a measure of household confidence in the US economy, dropped to 50 in June from 58.4 in May (final estimate).Analysts predicted a decline to 50.2 points, as shown by the preliminary assessment.It is noted that the current index has become the minimum for the entire time of the calculations.In addition, the index of current economic conditions in the US fell to 53.8 points in June (from 63.3 points in May), and the index of economic expectations - to 47.5 points... Leer más

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Solana intends to launch its own blockchain smartphone

Junio, 24 2022

Cryptocurrency Solana has grown by almost 25% in a week. Analysts note that none of the top 10... Leer más

Germany intends to nationalize its section of Nord Stream 2

Junio, 24 2022

The German Ministry of Economy is considering the possibility of nationalizing part of the Nord... Leer más

Oil rises after a local decline

Junio, 23 2022

Yesterday, oil finished trading lower from $112.40 per barrel to $108.05. But already on Thursday,... Leer más

The Asian market fell after Powell acknowledged the risk of a recession

Junio, 23 2022

The stock market of the Asia-Pacific region on Thursday morning is mainly reduced. Investors... Leer más