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Finansal piyasa güncellemeleri, Merkez Bankalarının politika duyuruları, finansal göstergeler ve sektör üzerinde etkisi olabilecek diğer ilgili haberler de dahil olmak üzere ForExmart'tan en son ekonomik haberleri alın.

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Economic Calendar | January 30 – February 3

Ocak, 30 2023

Monday, January 30The macroeconomic calendar at the beginning of the week is again almost completely empty, but this is even for the best, since there will be little to distract market participants from preparing for the upcoming meetings of the Federal Committee on Open Market Operations and the European Central Bank.The only thing you can pay attention to on Monday is German GDP data for the fourth quarter of 2022. Analysts predict that the German economy grew by 0% on a quarterly basis, and b... Devamını Okuyun

Tüm Haberler

The main economic events of the day – January 30, 2023

Ocak, 30 2023

At the end of last week, the dollar managed to finish trading in positive territory, and its DXY... Devamını Okuyun

Oil is getting cheaper in anticipation of the OPEC+ meeting

Ocak, 30 2023

On Monday, world oil prices show a slight decline, and investors are waiting for the results of the... Devamını Okuyun

The European Commission called Germany the most affected country by the crisis

Ocak, 30 2023

The European Commissioner for Economy, former Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, believes that... Devamını Okuyun