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Finansal piyasa güncellemeleri, Merkez Bankalarının politika duyuruları, finansal göstergeler ve sektör üzerinde etkisi olabilecek diğer ilgili haberler de dahil olmak üzere ForExmart'tan en son ekonomik haberleri alın.

Son Ekonomik Haberler

Russia prepares the response to the oil price ceiling

Aralık, 08 2022

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that it is too early to assess the impact on the Russian budget from the introduction of the oil price ceiling. Russia is currently forming retaliatory measures. Siluanov added that the introduction of a price ceiling is an absolutely non-market mechanism, and such non-market measures will inevitably affect raw material prices or supply volumes. The Minister stressed that the Russian Federation is preparing retaliatory measures. In particula... Devamını Okuyun

Tüm Haberler

Experts named the reasons for the fall in the oil market

Aralık, 07 2022

World prices have already dropped to the levels of early January: on Wednesday, Brent oil is... Devamını Okuyun

The estimate of eurozone GDP growth in the third quarter was unexpectedly raised to 0.3%

Aralık, 07 2022

According to the final data of the Statistical Office of the European Union Eurostat, the economy... Devamını Okuyun

Analysts: US bear market is two-thirds of the way

Aralık, 06 2022

According to analysts, the US stock market has already experienced most of the current bear market,... Devamını Okuyun

Economic Calendar | December 5 – 9

Aralık, 05 2022

Monday, December 5Usually on Mondays, the macroeconomic calendar is almost empty, but this time the... Devamını Okuyun

Non-farm Payrolls: US Labor Market unexpectedly strengthened

Aralık, 02 2022

Today, the United States presented important statistics on the Non-farm Payrolls labor market.... Devamını Okuyun

Experts: global inflation has passed its peak

Aralık, 02 2022

Analysts believe that inflation in the countries of the world has already reached peak values, but... Devamını Okuyun

Japan called «offensive» the establishment of a price ceiling for oil

Aralık, 02 2022

According to the materials of the Japanese portal Yahoo News Japan, the decision of Western... Devamını Okuyun