ECN Technology

ECN Technology using your favorite trading platform.

What is ECN?
ECN, which means “Electronic Communication Network? is a process which grants direct access between market participants particularly the small traders (banks, investment funds, and individuals) and the top liquidity providers. By creating this direct link, clients are able to have an efficient and effective trading process which mitigates risk and maximizes profit opportunities. And because ECN technology eliminates the intermediary and dealers, clients have faster and cheaper trades.

Why should you choose ECN broker?
The ECN broker field is relatively new with fewer competition. It’s only now enjoying the popularity that it has due to the rising numbers of clients that are trading and realizing its benefits. And there are quite a lot of advantages that ECN offers. The following are just some :

  • Tight Spreads

    Clients enjoy trade executions with tight spreads. This means that there are no limit or stop levels and traders can freely trade within the spread.

  • Instant Executions

    ECN technology was developed to accommodate and process trades instantly. Using our system, clients are able to live stream, match orders, and receive immediate confirmation.

  • No Re-qoutes

    ECN Brokers eliminate the need for intermediary desks and thus optimizing the trading process for a faster execution and quicker confirmation without re-quotes.

  • Direct Access

    Clients are granted direct access to the top liquidity providers such as world-class banks and prestigious financial executions. This means they are able to trade on global liquidity.

  • Trading Strategy

    With the ECN technology, traders can use any trading strategy they want, even scalping. There are no restrictions on this end.

  • Automated Trades

    Trades using ECN technology are automated as the system searches and matches orders automatically. This optimizes the broker's work time.

What is ForexMart’s ECN Technology?
ForexMart’s ECN Technology allows for the clients to enjoy tight spreads, low commissions, and efficient executions. We developed a system that instantly searches and matches orders in real time. It automatically executes orders that fit your conditions. This ensures a quick and optimum trading experience.

Maximize your opportunities with ForexMart's ECN technology and enjoy the benefits today.

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