ForexMart is committed to providing high-class trading services for its clients and ensuring safe access to online trading. The company was established in 2015 and since then it has been showing excellent results in the financial industry. Various awards from reputable business organizations confirm this statement.

Last year, ForexMart received the Best Trading Conditions 2020 award in Asia from business publication International Investor. This is an online and print journal that covers the most relevant topics from the world of finance, economy, and global investment community. The award proves that ForexMart has surpassed other competitors in being the best provider of modern and high-quality solutions for online trading.

Moreover, International Finance Magazine recognized ForexMart as the Best New Broker in Europe 2016. This London-based publication delivers the latest financial news from all over the world and acknowledges the success of people and companies that have contributed to the foreign exchange market development.

The year 2016 was marked with one more award. Global Business Outlook, the UK-based business magazine, named ForexMart the Best Forex Newcomer 2016. This title distinguishes our company from other participants in the global financial industry.

In 2015, international exhibition brand ShowFx World was the first organization to recognize the success of ForexMart. ShowFx World has vast experience in holding events devoted to financial education and Forex trading. Most ShowFx exhibitions and seminars are held in Asia, Europe, Russia, and the CIS countries. Notably, right from the start in 2015, ForexMart received two awards from ShowFx: Best Broker in Europe and Most Prospective Broker in Asia. Such a brilliant start speaks for itself.


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外汇本质上有高度的投机性和复杂性,可能并不适合所有投资者。 外汇交易可能会带来重大的收益或损失。 因此,建议您不要承担无法承受的损失。 在使用ForexMart提供的服务之前,请确认外汇交易相关联的风险。 必要时寻求独立的财务意见。请注意,过去的业绩和预测都不是未来结果的可靠指标。
外汇本质上有高度的投机性和复杂性,可能并不适合所有投资者。 外汇交易可能会带来重大的收益或损失。 因此,建议您不要承担无法承受的损失。 在使用ForexMart提供的服务之前,请确认外汇交易相关联的风险。 必要时寻求独立的财务意见。请注意,过去的业绩和预测都不是未来结果的可靠指标。