ShowFx World in Kiev

Wed Dec 28, 2016
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All traders interested in financial market were welcomed to the Exhibit organized by ShowFx World on December 17 - 18 at Hyatt Regency hotel, Kiev, Ukraine. Attendees learned from renowned experts in trading regarding different principles on how to be proficient in personal finance from one of the top financial gurus in CIS.

An analyst, Mikhail Makarov, who has earned FFMS certificate in brokerage talked about the key secrets in Foreign Exchange and Breakout-based Trading Systems. He is well versed in both Russian and US stocks, options and forex trading gained after 12 years of trading to date.

As an independent trader for 8 years, Stanislav Polovitsky, shared his insights about the Step by Step Plan to Develop Profitable Trading Systems . He has published his own book entitled “The Logics of Currency Pairs` Movement”.

A founder and trainer of Traders Support Club, Alistair Crooks, gave his insights on the essential factors to be successful in trading.

The next speaker, Aleksandr Davydov, has been a lecturer on Global forex since 2008 and has worked on Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and several Russian banks. He shared about the Influence of Change in the US Economic Policy regarding FRS and the World Economy as he his interests are mainly on international politics, economics and sociology to name a few.

One of the speakers, Nikolay Ivchenko who is the Analysis director of Forex Club Group, will share about his three years of trading experience and the pros and cons in trading. He talked about this year’s annual results of Nobel portfolios on the US stocks. He has been actively participating on sessions about the economic situation in Ukraine with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and press conference held by the National Bank of Ukraine about the macroeconomic trends.

An expert in trading, Semyon Tochilin, who has been an investment trader over 7 years and has experienced as a market and financial asset analyst discussed in detail the Fibonacci levels and how to apply it in trading.

Novice and experts alike will learn from Sergey Aleksandrov as discussed what not to trade on Foreign Exchange and What to Expect from the Currencies of Developing Countries in 2017. He has work in a broker since 2009 and partake in partnership projects and company services launching

A certified business coach will give his insights about quality of life, review, planning action

Alexander tischuk. He has also written a book entitled, “Coaching. Is it so easy?”. He has been coaching for 10 years regarding management and staff development issues.

An award winning trader,  Alexander Litvinenko, won the Best Breakout of the year and nominated as the Best Stock Trader. He had post graduate degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship and he will talked about the importance of Trading Algorithms.

An experienced trader for 8 years, Aleksandr Timofeev, who also manages stocks and future markets of different brokers of US, Europe and Russia will give in-depth discussion about professionals against Crowd and Market Interaction. He has also founded training center and a management company.

ForexMart joined in this event as an exhibitor and gave away prizes to lucky winners of the raffle draw. There were other raffles draws and giveaways from several organizers and participants as well. Everyone were jubilant as they get to meet top traders and get inspiring insights from experts to be more adept in trading. We congratulate all the winners from the raffle draw and we hope that everyone had fun as much as we do!

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外汇本质上有高度的投机性和复杂性,可能并不适合所有投资者。 外汇交易可能会带来重大的收益或损失。 因此,建议您不要承担无法承受的损失。 在使用ForexMart提供的服务之前,请确认外汇交易相关联的风险。 必要时寻求独立的财务意见。请注意,过去的业绩和预测都不是未来结果的可靠指标。
外汇本质上有高度的投机性和复杂性,可能并不适合所有投资者。 外汇交易可能会带来重大的收益或损失。 因此,建议您不要承担无法承受的损失。 在使用ForexMart提供的服务之前,请确认外汇交易相关联的风险。 必要时寻求独立的财务意见。请注意,过去的业绩和预测都不是未来结果的可靠指标。