ForexMart Trading Contest 2021

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ForexMart Contest Feature Registration

Here you can register for a trader's tournament "Forexmart Feature Contest". The Contest takes place from 01 March 2021 till 26 March 2021 . For successful registration you have to provide your contact information.

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Contest rules

  1. General Provisions
    1. Contest title - "ForexMart Trading Contest 2021" (hereinafter - Contest).
    2. The Contest is organized by ForexMart (hereinafter - Organizer).
    3. Contest duration from 01 March 2021 till 26 March 2021 (terminal time).
    4. It is a real trading account contest with a minimum deposit requirement of $50 (Fifty US Dollars).
    5. Registration is open during 2 (two) weeks preceding it. Registration finishes 1 (one) week before the Contest ends.
  2. Participants
    1. Every owner of a ForexMart Classic trading account deposited with $50 or above can take part in the Contest (hereinafter -Participant).
    2. Only full-aged customers (over 18 years old) may participate in the Contest.
    3. Every Participant shall sign up on the ForexMart website.
    4. The Participant agrees to provide true data, the full name identical to one specified in the ID document, available email address.
    5. In case trading on two or more accounts is conducted from the same IP, the Administration reserves the right to disqualify their owner(-s).
    6. The Organizer reserves the right to decline registration of any participant without explaining the reason or disqualify any participant during the Contest or after the Contest is over with explanation. The reason for disqualification can be opening of big volume opposite orders with the same currency pairs on different trading accounts at the same time approximately, as well as usage of errors in the quote flow for getting a guaranteed profit.
    7. By joining the Contest the Participant accepts current T&C.
    8. The Participant's close relatives are disallowed for taking part in the same contest. If the registration data of the Contestant's account coincides with the one of another Contestant, the Company has a right to regard this matching as a reason for disqualification.
  3. Trading terms
    1. Only ForexMart Classic account type is allowed to join the Contest.
    2. Minimum deposit has to be $50 or more
    3. Leverage is 1:500 max.
    4. All orders which were put at non-market price are destined to cancellation. The Contest Administration reserves the right to disqualify the account which was employed for trading at non-market quotations.
    5. Participants may use Expert Advisors and any trading strategies without any restrictions.
    6. ForexMart general Public Agreement is applicable to Contest Participants as well.
  4. Results Publishing
    1. Organizer provides the Contest results through official Telegram Channel announced in the Contest registration page.
    2. Organizer reserves the right to publish participants' names after the Contest finishes.
    3. The residential data of Participants may be published as well.
    4. Contest final results are published during 14 days after the Contest finishes and all checking procedures are completed.
  5. Winners Determination
    1. All trades at the Contest accounts must be closed before March 26, 2021 23:59 (Terminal time). Trades closed outside the Contest period are not included in the results.
    2. The Participants with the biggest GAIN will be announced as winners. GAIN is calculated by the formula: GAIN = Total Profit / Total Deposit.
    3. In case two Participants have the same GAIN, the winner is determined by the Organizer.
    4. The Contest winners agree with their names publishing.
    5. The Organizer reserves the right to decline the Participant's registration request without reasoning and disqualify the Participant, either during the Contest or after it has finished, upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.
  6. Prize Receipt
    1. The winners should open and verify their live trading accounts within 30 days after the contest results are published. Application should be sent to
    2. The prize funds will be credited to a verified live trading account opened by the winner. The maximum leverage for accounts opened is 1:50.
    3. The winner acknowledges liability for any activity on the account opened by the Contest and Campaign Administration or by the winner himself lying within the scope of the agreements and regulations of Terms & Conditions.
    4. All prizes including the first Prize will be credited to a winner's new trading account. Prizes can be used for trading or withdrawn directly. It is prohibited to receive any type of bonuses to a trading account with the Prize.
    5. The Organizer reserves the right to declare any already given prize invalid and subject to cancellation upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.
    6. A trading account is charged off automatically at filing an application for withdrawal. At considering the application the specialists make sure that the balance and free margin comply with the amount of funds available for withdrawing. In case of discrepancy the sum specified in the withdrawal application is credited back to the account.
  7. Language
    1. The language of the present rules is English.
    2. For the Participant convenience, the Organizer can provide the rules in a language different from English. The translated version of the rules is of a merely informative character.
    3. In case of variant readings of a translated version and the rules in English, the rules in English are considered as a prior reference standard.
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