Account Monitoring

Top traders excel for a reason and they have distinct investment strategy. We do not hide them any more and share for free from now on! You can watch how do they trade and replicate their deals. This feature allows you to select the trading style you prefer from top 3 live trading accounts in ForexMart. You can monitor their activity, expected level of profits, risks, orders, drawdown and their past performance.

Deals will be opened automatically once you have subscribed to the account. It will make your trading style easier than ever since real trades will be mirrored to your account.
No requirements needed, just click subscribe!

01 Project

Account Number: 58000703

Region: Spain

Balance: 0 USD

Equity: 0 USD

02 Project

Account Number: 58001764

Region: France

Balance: 0 USD

Equity: 0 USD

03 Project

Account Number: 311073

Region: France

Balance: 0 EUR

Equity: 0 EUR


  1. All ForexMart trading accounts can subscribe to one of the listed trading strategy using the Copy Trade service (hereinafter The Service) including those who used the “No Deposit bonus” as initial trading capital.
  2. Followers can copy trades and earn profit choosing from the selection provided. ForexMart will automatically copy trades following the top trader subscribed to.
  3. Trading accounts with No deposit bonus will be unsubscribed automatically once they get profit of 10% from the bonus sum using Service. To continue the subscription, the client is required to deposit $50 to his/her account.
  4. The subscription will continue after the deposit transaction.
  5. ForexMart does not take responsibility of the losses can appear in result of using the service.
  6. Using the Service client agrees with current Terms and Conditions.
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